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5 ways to convince your fellows to start climbing

Who hasn’t experienced the feeling of having their ambitions stopped by lack of a climbing partner? You need to trust your belayer, and it’s not so easy to trust a perfectly unknown person. So why not pick your new belayer/ bouldering companions among your friends? Here are some ways to change their mind and convince them to join the community…!

1. Spend more time together & meet new cool people

“We don’t spend so much time together, I don’t see you anymore, I’d like to have a special activity just with you…” Use emotion. Emotion works 99% of the time!

If you’re trying to convince your partner, the easier argument will be to have a couples activity, but be careful to be patient and not get mad at him/her because the learning process is too slow! Keep it chill and fun.

If you’re trying to convince a friend, don’t hesitate to insist on the fact that the climbing gym is full of very cool/friendly/awesome people to hang out with.

2. Get a badass sexy body

“Do you enjoy running 1 hour per day on a treadmill? Do you see awesome results?… Oh ok… because I was just thinking that if you want to come with me to the bouldering gym, you can see the bodies of the people there! It’s a very complete sport engaging the full body, and most importantly… it’s fun! Well I’m just saying..”

french climber, climbing in france

Pierre Magnin credits to Maëlenn Maerpault

3. Challenge yourself, improve your concentration

“Come with me once and you’ll be surprised by the progress you can reach very fast. You’ll get excited by the new routes you can target, we’ll fix our own challenges and decide which level we’ll do next. You’ll be the one texting me to go back, I have no doubt about that.”

If your friends feel a bit unchallenged in their life, just grab that opportunity to push them into following you in the adventure!

4. Enjoy a free outdoor activity during week-ends

“What are we going to do this week-end?”, the recurring question coming back each Saturday morning… and Monday morning around a coffee with your colleagues. Well let’s plan some outdoor climbing and start enjoying the weather outside in a fun and free way with friends.

5. Brag about your climbing exploits in society

“Did you impress a lot of people explaining your fitness exercises at the gym… ? Didn’t think so. When I tell the story about the day I climbed a 400 meter wall with free solo sections, and then rappelled in the night without a headlamp… that is worth telling!” And this is the magical recipe to grab the attention of your audience 😉 It’s like a new line on your CV; it will be a new asset of your personality, and people around you will be impressed for sure, until you turn them as well.”

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