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Bouldering paradise

Every bouldering climber has already dreamed about Rocklands. This isolated semi-desert area is undoubtedly famous for its world class bouldering. Let’s head to South Africa and discover this little paradise, lost in the middle of the Cederberg mountains.

From Creaking Heights (6C) to Out of Balance (8A), from John Denver (7A) to Cedar Spine (7B+), you will find something that fits with your climbing style. The most popular areas in Rocklands are Roadside and Dayrain. In these two places alone, there are more than 500 bouldering routes. There are several other areas and each has enough bouldering problems to keep you occupied for several weeks.

Good to know : As Cederberg mountains belong to the Cape Nature Conservation and is on private property, you must obtain a permit to climb in some areas.

When Rocklands became internationally famous, the land began to suffer and the environment has sustained significant and continuous damage. But now it is much better.

So if you get there, never forget to keep this paradise a paradise!


Check Jorg Verhoeven, Katha Saurwein, and Jon Glassberg adventures to realize how good it is!

*Climber on cover picture: Melissa LeNeve
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