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“It’s a gamble for the soul”, Andrew Kornylak

Andrew Kornylak, have you heard of him? If not, here’s your chance. We had the opportunity to meet the renowned photographer, adventurer, and filmmaker. He is stoked to offer you a 50% discount on any purchase on his website to celebrate this.

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What inspired you to pursue a path in Adventure Photography?

I was always into photography since I was a kid but once I got hooked on climbing in the mid-90s I started studying the adventure photographers of that time. Galen Rowell’s work really stood out, and there was a photographer that crossed genres, not only as a an adventure photographer but also doing in-depth work for magazines like National Geographic, which is what excited me about photography as a kid. So that’s when I saw that Adventure Photography could be an entry point to a real career in photography.

We love what you say in your bio about “focusing on people who live fringe lifestyles in order to pursue their passions.” Can you tell us more about this and some of the interesting lifestyles you have experienced though you work ?

People who spend their lives pursuing esoteric things like climbing at the expense of everything else end up living unusual lives – at least unusual to the rest of us. Poor as field mice, following the seasons, living in campgrounds, spending their last construction job money on a sack of potatoes and climbing chalk. That kind of true vagabond approach is becoming more rare I think, but you find that kind of single-mindedness in a lot of other realms. I think about paddlers, surfers, but also artists, musicians and small-business entrepreneurs. These are people with clear focus and drive, but sometimes to the neglect of fortune or even happiness. It’s a gamble for the soul.

What piece of advice do you have for people pursuing an adventure lifestyle?

Start locally. Get involved with local organizations and groups and explore what’s right around you. Yosemite, the Alps and the Himalaya might be in your future some day but in the meantime there is high-adventure to be had in your back yard and with people in your community.

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