The mongol rally team post adventure

The Mongol Rally team ‘Don’t Smell My Shoes’ that we sponsored made it to Ulan-Ude, Russia!!

We wrote a first article to explain more in details Danny, Oli and Adam’s project and the preparation of their journey, check it out!

As promised, we keep you updated and share with you the latest news of their crazy adventure, the funny anecdotes, and the less funny ones… 😉

The team of boulderers from the UK started their driving journey in Winchester, UK and reached Russia with a car covered by climbing grips !!!

From the UK to Russia via Turkey, Turkmenistan, Mongolia and few other countries, it took them in total 5 weeks to travel the 10,000 mile!

Because we totally support this kind of crazy projects, we sent them some Klifbox along the way (just in case the car wasn’t covered enough with gears!), here is one video they made in Turkey :

Mongol Rally Team – Turkey – Klifbox

Danny, Oli and Adam explain what they got in their Klifbox during their Mongol Rally!! >>> Join our club and get plenty of benefits, including the next #klifbox !

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Funny anecdotes !

Because we all like anecdotes and crazy details, we asked them to tell us a funny story that they lived during their journey ! Here’s their answer :

“Everyone always asks us two questions. What was the best part, and what was the worst part?

The best part would have to be camping next to the aptly named Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan, a 70 meter wide burning gas crater that lights up the night sky.

As for the the worst part, that would be our experiences on the Azerbaijan boarder. Firstly the date on Oli’s Visa was wrong and he was refused entry until a new visa was ready, this wasn’t until the day after so while Oli had to return to Georgia for the night Adam and Danny spent the night in the car. This resulted in an attempted mugging and a high speed car chase back to the boarder and safety.”

Congrats !

Danny, Oli and Adam prepared this trip for months!

They raised more than 2000£ in the name of 3 charities: Cool Earth (rainforest conservation), Macmillan Cancer Support (improves the lives of people living with cancer) and Charlie Waller Memorial trust (educates young people on the importance of mentally well-being).

Their crowdfunding campaign is still ongoing if you want to participate and involve yourself in this great project! And if you want to have a deeper glimpse of their experience, you can check their blog!

We just have one thing to add : all the best guys for your next adventures ! 😉

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