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Brands discovery

#4 Outdoor Explorer

Because you made the choice to escape a limited life. You made the choice to have the courage to live your passion and follow your dreams; to challenge yourself in a nature that can be as hostile and cruel, as it can be incredibly beautiful. Continue Reading

Y&Y belay glasses
Brands discovery

Have you heard about Y&Y Vertical belay glasses?

Forget about the painful neck while belaying, you won’t be rushing your partner anymore to yell TAKE at the top. Y&Y Vertical belay glasses makes it possible to watch your climber like you are always close to them, even when they are 20 meters above you. The glass prisms on these glasses are exceptionally clear… magic! Continue Reading

Brands discovery



While more than twenty percent of the worldwide population is still looking forward to celebrating New Year Eve’s, also called Spring Festival, we thought about paying a tribute to the fascinating Chinese culture in our 3rd KLIFBOX. Continue Reading

8B+, max climbing
Brands discovery

#2 TRAINING: a box to push yourself

“Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.” – Anonymous. Sometimes a climbing session leaves a taste of unfulfillment, a taste of “I know I can do better”. Sometimes you watch a very inspiring climbing movie and you just want to run to the closest wall and climb! Train hard, and push yourself to your maximum capabilities. Well, this second KLIFBOX is made for you! Continue Reading

Brands discovery

How Petzl created the legendary GRIGRI®+

Everything began in 1930 with a French artisan and caver in the South of France: Fernand Petzl. As with many success stories, it started with an uncommon passion at that time, a passion for caving. Since the devices were quite limited back in the beginning of the 20th century, Fernand Petzl started to use his know-how and caving knowledge to find solutions to ascend, descend, belay and move in the dark. Continue Reading

subscription box for climbers
Brands discovery

#1 Epic belayer: the 1st KLIFBOX ever!

We did it!! The first KLIFBOX has been shipped and we’re really excited to see the first results. The best reward we could dream of is the customer feedback we got afterwards, and it’s pretty awesome. Oh, BTW, you might be asking what’s a KLIFBOX? Here is an explanation.

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