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Hard rock culture

Hard rock culture

Autana, 1st ascent in a lost world

Vertigo, thrill and emotion are the feelings you’ll get when watching the climbing movie Autana, the story of Leo Houlding (UK), Sean Leary (USA), and Jason Pickles (Salford) lost in the Amazon to attempt the first ascent of the east face of the remote tepuy, ‘Cerro Autana’.

Alastair Lee, the producer, explains: the action begins with a covert journey via military check-points and secret ports through Amazonas. Our team of clandestine climbers disguised as tourists travel down the Orinoco River to the remote village of Ceguera, where they make a traumatic, psychotropic visit to the local Shaman to gain access to the sacred mountain. From here, sweltering humidity, porter chaos and an assortment of jungle nastiness are just a part of this spectacular journey of self-discovery and big wall hunting.

At the beginning the climbing was slow, since it involved as much massive vegetation as rock. After that, the team could climb above the roof of the jungle and reach the rarely visited Autana Caves (Cuevo Autana), the highest elevated cave system in the world with the grandeur of a cathedral!

It has been proved to be the finest ‘wall camp’ imaginable with fresh running water, firewood, plenty of flat ground and a truly celestial view over an uninterrupted jungle wilderness stretching for as far as the eye can see.  Above the cave, the wall becomes incredibly steep, but a sustained push from the team took them to the elusive summit.

Made by Posing Productions, Autana is a climbing movie showing an adventure unlike any other – adventure film making takes another step into the unknown with superb results. Original, experimental, entertaining and visually stunning!

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Hard rock culture

Mountain on stage, Summer edition

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